Tajik technical University named after academician M. Osimi

Tajik technical University named after academician M. Osimi, as an integral part of the Republic, shares all its successes and difficulties. In this small historical reference period of independence analyzes the path of development of the University for 60 years from the date of formation to the present day.

To bring information about the University for 60 years of its work should be divided into two periods. The first period 1956-1990., is the work of the University in Soviet times, and the second period 1991-2016., the work of the University in the years of independence. It should be stated that the history of the development of the University in these periods is full of many interesting and instructive examples and events that may be significant for us in today's activities.

To meet the requirements of engineering personnel for the growing post-war economy of the Republic of Tajikistan by the Decree of the USSR Council of Ministers No. 14, dated 6 January 1956, was created Stalinabad Polytechnic Institute (later the Tajik Polytechnic Institute, and since 1992, the Tajik technical University).

It is interesting to quote from the contents of this resolution. In the first paragraph of the second paragraph of the Decision "to Oblige the Council of Ministers of the Tajik SSR: a) to transfer on 1 February 1956 the Ministry of higher education of the USSR for Stalinabad Polytechnic Institute finished the construction of the building of Stalinabad city Council of deputies and the municipal enterprise of Tajikistan and the usable area of 5470 sq.m."

The fact that the transfer of a new building intended for the top party and legislative bodies of Moscow higher technical school, talks about the importance of building this University from the point of view of the then Government of the Soviet Union. Other points in the Resolution specific and is used for different organizational objectives, a new educational institution.

In the first year of the Institute, with three departments and 8 specialties, took 200 students. Although the Republic has existed, the experience of creating institutions of higher learning and it was functioning 6 universities, the conditions for the organization of the learning process was difficult. The Republic did not have the experience of training engineers.

There was a shortage of teachers, textbooks and equipment, laboratory equipment and much more. The Institute can say that it was created “from scratch”. In the building of the Institute, built as an administrative building, it was difficult to organize the educational process. So you had to solve a lot of the various organizational, educational, scientific, economic, and even domestic problems.

 With appreciation it should be noted that the then leadership of the Institute, the first rector of the Institute Muhammad Osimi managed to consistently solve problems, and for a short time to enter the Institute in a number of recognized universities of the Soviet Union.

And today a great need for coordination and integration of the activities of higher educational establishments, establishment of associations, projects and programs for the exchange of experience and cooperation in order to improve the quality of training.